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Libenu was abuzz with Purim spirit!


Did you smell the wonderful aroma of hamantaschen? In preparation for Purim, Libenu residents and Lev Respite participants baked batches upon batches!

Lev Respite participants also dressed up in costume and went on a full-fledged scavenger hunt. What did they do with the treasures they found? They packed them up and gifted them to each other as mishloach manot!


In various combinations of in shul, at home – thanks to Rabbi Wolf and Chicago Mitzvah Campaign – or with their families, Libenu’s residents listened to Megillah-reading on Purim eve and day. Then they accepted Friendship Circle’s gracious invitation for a festive seudah.

Everyone had “lots” of fun!

Many thanks to Yitzi Grinblatt, Yonah Kanter, Shlomo Kaye, Ari BenPorat, Kobe Gordon, Avrahom Shalamov, and Coby Kamish for a freilicha (joyous) Purim and for collecting tzedaka on Libenu’s behalf.

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