Our Vision

Libenu envisions a Jewish community where individuals with disabilities have a home, an extended family and
a future; where they can thrive, have a voice, experience a true sense of belonging, and are valued for their
unique strengths and contributions; where families have a reprieve from the demands of caregiving as well as
the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones’ futures are secure.

Our Mission

Libenu’s mission is to provide a lifetime of care and support for children, teens, and adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities, empowering them to live with dignity as fully included members of their Jewish
community. Libenu partners with families, enabling them to create the life they want for their loved ones,
resulting in decreased stress and an increased sense of security for the future.

Libenu fulfills its mission by providing life-changing, robust respite services infused with Jewish values for
families; warm, welcoming person-centered kosher homes for adults; inclusive social and recreational
opportunities; partnerships for day programming and vocational training; and leadership in community
education and advocacy.