Lev Lilah addresses the unmet needs of families with children, teens, and young adults with disabilities by providing short-term overnight respite services for Shabbat. The demands associated with raising a child with special needs don’t stop at the end of the day, as children with developmental disabilities have a significantly increased likelihood of sleep disorder. Many families have not had a full night’s rest since their child with disabilities was born, impacting the physical and mental health of the entire family.

While parents, grandparents, and other caregivers have a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and catch their breath, the participants in the Lev Lilah program enjoy a Shabbat filled with delicious food, games, rituals, and friends in a safe, nurturing environment. Neighbors and community members stop by to visit, promoting inclusion and belonging. A Shabbat at Lev Lilah is not only fun for the participants, a break for their families, but joyous for the community!


For information about our Lev Lilah, please email rivka@libenu.org.




“Lev Lilah is a lifeline for my family. It is the first time we ever had a peaceful shabbat since our son was born. Thank you for the gift of normal.

This is the first time that my husband and I slept through the night in that past 10 years since our daughter was born. It us the first time we were able to go to shul together and have Shabbos lunch at a friend’s home. Thank you for making this happen.”

“My son went to shul, had a delicious Shabbos lunch, and spent the afternoon in the park with other children in the community. Lev Lilah is a dream-come-true for our family.