Lev Respite after-school sessions are offered Monday through Thursday, and on all legal holidays, with extended hours, to meet the needs of the many parents who have to work shifts on those days. Program activities are based on best practices and centered around social interactions, life skills-building, emotional awareness, structured play, language development, academic support, and community-building. Snacks are provided, and a hot, healthy dinner is served for all participants, staff, and volunteers each evening. A high staff/volunteer-to-client ratio of 1:1, consisting of paid staff and a cadre of dedicated community volunteers, ensures that everyone’s needs are properly addressed and supported.

For information on Lev Respite contact: Rivka Schaffel


“It’s a tremendous relief for my child and my family that he is very well taken care of and having fun at Lev Respite. The program is our lifeline.”  

“Our house is always a whirlwind of anxiety with 7 children in the home, but our stress level is significantly decreased when our son is in Lev Respite.”

“The program is more than just respite – it is so important for my mental health. It helps me cope knowing that I will have this break in my day.”

“I am less stressed not only because of the break for caregiving, but also because (he) comes back so incredibly happy from the program.  His happiness helps me feel less stressed.”