Join Libenu Clients for a Day or Night Out

Join Libenu on a number of inclusive community outings each month! Our residents regularly enjoy going to fun activities in Chicago such as Lincoln Park Zoo, The Botanic Gardens, Ravinia, Loyola Beach, the movie theater, Old Orchard, Webber Center in Skokie, and dinner at a multitude of kosher restaurants. Contact us to find out how to attend an upcoming event, or to help plan an inclusive community activity!


Employ Clients

Many adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed. Adults with disabilities face multiple barriers to employment, the most problematic of which is the erroneous assumption that they cannot do the job. In fact, adults with disabilities bring unique talents, determination, and a strong work ethic to their places of employment. People with disabilities have a lower rate of absenteeism and a higher sense of job satisfaction when compared to their typical peers. They deserve the opportunity for greater self-sufficiency through gainful employment.

Do you own a business or have a job available? Are you an innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur? Consider one of our clients as your next employee. Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of hiring adults with disabilities.

In order for adults with special needs to live independent, fulfilling lives, they must have vocational options that are appropriate, purposeful, and sustainable. To find ways to employ a Libenu resident, Contact Shana.


Chair/Join a Committee

  • Development – Help with fundraising and event planning so that we can continue to do our critical work.
  • Social Media and Outreach – Raise awareness and promote independence and inclusion for adults with disabilities.
  • Advocacy and Policy– Work worth legislators to advocate for people with disabilities.
  • Holiday – Help plan holiday celebration for our Libenu Home residents and our Lev Chicago respite clients.


Sponsor an Event

Sponsor a holiday celebration in a resident home, a group outing, or a fundraiser. Corporate sponsors have varying levels of giving (link to page), each coming with unique benefits. To sponsor an event, Contact David Ben-Arie at



Spend time with Libenu and be a(n)…

  • Educator: Looking for a volunteer to give an ongoing shiur to the young men of the Libenu Home.
  • Musician: Looking for a volunteer to provide ongoing musical programming for Libenu Home Residents.
  • Friend: Come to the house to visit and hang out with the Libenu residents, or join the group for a community activity.
  • Host: Host get-togethers at your house for a handful of wonderful residents for shabbat and holiday meals, or for a holiday party.