Many People ask, “if the State is paying for residential services, why solicit donations? What is the money going toward?”

The truth is that CILA funding is “bare bones” and only covers a fraction of the costs that our clients incur.  Funding for nursing and medical support services is virtually non-existent. Funding for qualified service providers,  job coaching, and vocational training is severely limited. The state also does not cover the additional costs of specialized diets, social and recreational programs, or inclusion activities. Furthermore, funding does not help Libenu acquire new properties to grow and continue to meet the needs of this expanding population. Finally, state funding does not cover any of the respite costs for families with younger children.

Libenu is a public/private partnership that relies on donors and fundraisers such as you to help cover the cost of these necessary services. Your support is especially critical during these uncertain times, when funding can be cut dramatically or eliminated.  By donating to Libenu, you are substantially improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable members.

“I no longer fear for my son’s  unknown future because I am now linked to an organization comprised of professional, experienced, and caring individuals, who capably manage my son’s life.” J.S.