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State Senator’s Visit

This month, State Senator Ram Villivalam visited Libenu’s first home, where Jacob Mosbacher gave him the grand tour and described day-to-day life, including how proud he is of his independence and of his role as a leader among his housemates. Senator Villivalam also met Michel Lis, Baruch Brandes, and Naftali Glenner (grandson of Jean Morgenstern, a”h, in whose memory the home is dedicated). Libenu residents and staff talked about the joy of living in the heart of the Jewish community and the importance of inclusion and belonging. Senator Villivalam also learned about the critical need for additional homes and for respite services for younger children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as the funding challenges these programs face. He expressed his support for Libenu and his commitment to individuals with I/DD and their families.

Congratulating a True Friend and Colleague


Mazal tov to Joseph Rosen, lifelong friend and supporter of Libenu, on receiving the prestigious National Center for Learning Disabilities Everyday Champion Administrator’s Award! As assistant principal of the Cesar Chavez Multicultural Academy, Joe went above and beyond to empower faculty and students to achieve the best-possible learning outcomes during the pandemic. He mentored teachers in creating differentiated virtual instruction, made phone calls and home visits, created a site to hold classes for students with special needs before schools reopened, and helped keep everyone safe by ensuring the availability of meals, PPE supplies, internet access, and vital educational materials. At the award presentation, New York Mayor Eric Adams spoke about his own personal struggles with dyslexia.

Dr. Shana Erenberg, Libenu’s co-founder and CEO, is proud to have nominated Joe based on his selfless and remarkable dedication. “He not only inspires me,” she said, “but he also inspires everyone who is fortunate enough to be his colleague. Joseph Rosen is the kind of administrator we would wish to have in every school.”

Joe’s recognition is celebrated by his friends – including several Libenu residents – and the whole Rosen family, who have been involved with organization from the start as volunteers, event hosts, and donors.


Welcoming Nurse Kaley, Our New “Q”!

Libenu is excited to welcome Kaley Cohen as the new QIDP (manager) and registered nurse for our homes. Kaley graduated New York University’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing in 2020 and has served for two years as an outpatient RN. Kaley began working with individuals with disabilities when she was in high school at Ida Crown Jewish Academy and continued throughout college. She is very passionate about helping our residents accomplish their goals, thrive in the community, feel a true sense of belonging, and live happy and healthy lives. Kaley looks forward to meeting and working with everyone at Libenu.


We asked our Libenu family: What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

From Our Residents

Jacob: I am thankful to be a leader in Libenu.
Samantha: I am thankful for Libenu and for Kaley, our new Q.
Nisan: I’m thankful for everything!
Aliza: I am thankful for my beautiful home and my job.
Simcha: I’m thankful for my friends.
Chuck: I’m thankful for my friends.
Shmuel: I’m thankful for the staff, Robert, Larry, and Saidi.
Michel: I am thankful for going to Oakton College, for the Green Bay Packers and Justin Timberlake, and for my room and my friends at Libenu.

Our Parents

Malka: In my daily prayers I always thank Hashem for Libenu and its CEO and staff. You were there when I needed you most, and after all these years, I can’t imagine Chuck living in a better place.
Joyce: Thankful my son never complains that he feels bored or lonely in his Libenu home, and thankful that the Libenu staff pays close attention to my son’s health and he gets medical care promptly if there’s a concern.
Lisa: We are so thankful that Naftali is surrounded by warm and caring staff at Libenu.
Susan and Scott: We are thankful for the Libenu staff and leadership team and for all their help and support given to all the clients. We are thankful that God has blessed us with such a wonderful organization that Elizabeth is a part of.
Hedy: We are thankful that Libenu was established after much effort, affording our son a place to live and thrive among his “buddies” for many years already. We are thankful that he is happy living there, and we are thankful that the staff has made Libenu feel like a comfy, secure place for him to live. We are thankful for the professional care and warmth that all the staff members at the Jean Morgenstern Libenu Home on Mozart have so graciously shown both to our son and to us.

Our Board

Mitch: As much as Libenu benefits from the community, the community benefits from Libenu.

Libenu is thankful for your support.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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