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Libenu Receives Community Service Award!


Libenu recently received a Community Service Award from the 102nd Illinois General Assembly – House of Representatives. The award was presented to Libenu by Representative Denyse Stoneback in recognition of our exceptional work providing residential and respite services for individuals with disabilities and their families. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Libenu staff and volunteers who strive to improve the well-being of those they serve and highlights the importance of Libenu’s work in the community. Representative Stoneback noted that Libenu is an inspiration for others to work towards making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.


Heartfelt Thanks to JUF!

Libenu is honored to have received a generous 2-year grant from the JUF Mental Health Initiative to expand Lev Respite after-school services. Lev Respite serves the community as a critical mental health intervention that has an immediate, significant impact on the lives of parents and caregivers who have children and family members with disabilities. The program offers life-changing, robust respite care services infused with Jewish values so that families can get a much-needed break in their day, allowing caregivers an opportunity to rest and recharge. Parents describe Lev Respite as “a lifeline to sanity” that enables them to better care for their families and themselves.


Libenu’s Lev Respite provides Jewish children, teens, and young adults with disabilities a safe, loving place to play and socialize while developing essential skills as well as opportunities for experiential Jewish learning and gives families a reprieve from the incessant demands of caregiving, time for themselves and other family members, a community of support, and as our data have shown, a reduction of stress and improved mental wellness. We are grateful to JUF for their continued support of this vitally important program.


Lev Respite Staff Certified in CPR

The past week, Libenu’s Lev Respite Staff completed CPR training, enabling them to provide life-saving assistance to individuals in emergency situations. This training teaches them how to recognize when CPR is necessary, as well as how to properly perform chest compressions and rescue breathing. The training also covers the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) which can be used to shock a person’s heart back into a normal rhythm.

By completing this training, the Libenu’s Lev Respite Staff has gained the skills and knowledge necessary to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. This not only improves the safety of the individuals they care for, but also gives peace of mind to their families and loved ones. Moreover, having CPR-trained staff on-site can also save valuable time in the event of a medical emergency by providing immediate care before first responders arrive.


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