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Enhance your Chanuka celebration with a gift to Libenu, and help people with disabilities live their best lives!


See something on our wishlist that you’d like to donate?  Contact Shana Erenberg at or call 847-213-0514 to purchase something from the list below. Your gift will have an immediate and significant impact on the lives of Jewish children and adults with developmental disabilities.


Libenu’s Wish List

  •     Dining room table and 10 dining room chairs (sturdy)
  •     6 counter height chairs with backs (sturdy)
  •     Piano
  •     Storage cabinet (30” wide by 24” depth, 84” – 96” height)
  •     Closet for downstairs bedroom
  •     Seizure alert system for bed and wrist
  •     Twin sheets, pillow cases, blankets
  •     Washer and Dryer
  •     Big Screen TV
  •     Exterior paint and Repairs to Garage
  •     Free weights
  •     Rowing machine
  •     Stationary bike
  •     Outdoor furniture
  •     Blacktop and basketball hoop for backyard
  •     BBQ grill
  •     Outdoor furniture
  •     Tech Yid Hot Plate
  •     New Cookware (pots and pans, preferably industrial)
  •     Board Games for Shabbat
  •     Video doorbells with installation
  •     Music ribbons/ toys/musical instruments (rhythm sticks, triangles, tambourines, etc.)- for younger children
  •     Books and puzzles
  •     Sports equipment- basketballs, baseballs, rubber bases, safe bats
  •     Scrapbooking materials for older girls
  •     iPad chargers
  •     Baking supplies

Thank you so much for helping our clients live their best lives!

Libenu is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that works to address a critical shortage of community-based, person-centered services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Chicago North Shore community. Libenu’s mission is to provide residential, vocational, and respite opportunities that enable people with disabilities to live their best lives, with dignity and respect, as fully included members of the Jewish community. Libenu, from the Hebrew word meaning “Our Hearts,” reflects our heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place for people with disabilities, their families, and the community.

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