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Kol Hakavod to Libenu’s Leadership

  • Libenu’s CEO Shana Erenberg, Ph.D. and Board President Sharyl Ross recently graduated from the Boardified Board Member Institute, offered in conjunction with the Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University. This intensive, informative course covered best practices for nonprofit boards, strengthening and positioning Libenu’s incredible board for the future.
  • Dr. Erenberg also completed the Nonprofit Strategy: Planning & Positioning for the Future course at the Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management. This outstanding course covered the fundamentals of strategic planning, an exciting process of growth and innovation that Libenu is embarking on in the coming year.
  • Libenu’s Director of Advancement, Lisette Zaid, completed the Fundraising and Marketing course from Northwestern’s Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management, a course that will help Libenu hone its messaging and elevate its voice in the community and especially with supporters. Lisette also just completed her formal mentorship of students in DePaul University’s Tools for Social Change course, teaching them how to advocate for individuals with disabilities and make cases for support as they build confidence in their own fundraising skills.


Congratulations to our wonderful team and the continued
professional growth you bring to Libenu!


#alwaysLibenu Spotlight: Team Happy Heather

My niece Heather is funny and has a wonderful demeanor. She sees the beauty in everything! For example, most kids would get excited if you gave them balloons. Heather wouldn’t just get excited, she would see these balloons as if it was for the first time. That’s part of Heather’s beauty, she doesn’t take anything for granted. Everything she does is with a smile and her siblings and cousins grew up knowing this. There was never a family simcha or party without her. When the kids started having bar and bat mitzvahs, she was the best dancer on the floor. That is why I created Team Happy Heather.

The #alwaysLibenu campaign was a perfect opportunity for me to reach out to my friends who really didn’t understand the impact that Libenu has on Heather’s life. Before Libenu, there was no place for Heather to live as she grew into adulthood. With Libenu, Heather not only has a home where she is cared for, clean, and safe; she is with her people and that adds to the beauty of what Libenu provides. We have always been so grateful for everything Libenu does, but it was Libenu’s care for Heather during the pandemic that reaffirmed how special this organization is to our family and the community. Libenu did everything they could within their power to care for their residents and clients in a year where it was impossible to get help. That meant the world to our whole family.

Thank you,

Debbi Geller, team captain for Happy Heather


Beautiful Video from the Cleveland Clinic

“Sometimes one of the hardest things about having a disability is that people see the disability before they see you.”

At Libenu, we recognize that there is a lack of equity in medical services for people with disabilities. That is why we work closely with medical professionals to help them understand the unique needs of our clients and to ensure that practitioners look beyond the disability to see the whole person.
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