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How many CPA’s does it take to change a (tulip) bulb?

Libenu’s residential homes had some extra special guests planting flowers and building sukkot as part of the CPA Day of Service, an annual event where CPAs volunteer in the community.  This year, employees of Mann Weitz chose Libenu as their volunteer opportunity and Libenu was thrilled to give them a meaningful way to give back.

Volunteers were taken on a tour of the women’s residence, and learned about the needs of adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities and how Libenu homes have been be transformed to meet their clients’ needs. Mann Weitz volunteers also learned about the unique challenges facing Libenu as the premier provider of kosher, Shabbat friendly residences for Jewish adults in Chicago.

Libenu thanks all of the volunteers that made an immediate, impactful difference for our clients.  See you next year!


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