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A Message of Unity from Libenu

Dear Friends,


This has been an impossibly difficult week for Klal Yisroel. We are outraged by the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against our brothers and sisters in Israel – innocent men, women, and children singled out and attacked for being Jewish. We recognize and thank all of our allies who have expressed their staunch support and bravely stand with Israel and the Jewish people, while we are simultaneously appalled by those around the world who support Hamas barbarism and antisemitism.


We grieve with every family who has lost a loved one and pray for the speedy, safe return of the hostages. We pray for the safety of all of Israel and the brave soldiers of the IDF, who stand on the front lines with unwavering dedication. HaKadosh Baruch Hu should shield them from harm, watch over them, and grant them strength and protection.


Libenu comes from the Hebrew word meaning “Our Hearts”, which reflects our heartfelt commitment to caring for individuals with disabilities in our community. This week, our hearts are intertwined with our brothers and sisters in Israel and we stand resolutely with them in complete unity. There are zero degrees of separation between us – we are one people. Kol Yisroel Arevim Zeh L’zeh – all of Israel is responsible for one another.


This Shabbat we read Parshat Bereisheet, the story of G-d’s creation of the world. The word “Bereisheet” itself, meaning “In the beginning,” which signifies more than just a chronological start. It embodies the essence of potential, hope, and the transformative power inherent in new beginnings. May this time usher in a new beginning of peace and security for Klal Yisrael and Eretz Yisroel. May we only hear b’sorot tovot – good news – in the coming days.


Am Yisroel Chai and Shabbat Shalom,


Shana Erenberg, Ph.D.

C.E.O, Libenu








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