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Shana Erenberg Jewish Hero

Shana Erenberg

Chicago, Illinois

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Shana is an accomplished professional and renowned expert in the field of education and was instrumental in bringing Jewish Special Education to the forefront in Chicago. Shana was a founder of Keshet, and directed its Sunday School for over 20 years. She chairs the Department of Education at Hebrew Theological College, training and mentoring future teachers. Shana maintains a private practice for diagnostic evaluation and remediation. She consults to Jewish Day Schools across the country, trains teachers, and advocates for students of all ages. Most recently, Shana started an organization called The Libenu Foundation, whose mission is to provide supervised group homes that adhere to Torah values and principles, which will enable Jewish adults with disabilities to live with dignity, and respect as fully included members of the Jewish community. Under Shana’s leadership, Libenu has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and is opening its first group home this weekend. She is actively planning future homes to answer a critical need in the community. Shana has accomplished this and more in just over two years working strictly as a volunteer, in addition to the demands of her career. Shana has given more than just hope to families of children with special needs; she has provided them with a future. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and passion to everything she does. Shana is an inspiration, and a true hero.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Shana is a constant source of inspiration, not only to me but to all whose lives she touches. One can’t help but be inspired by her passion and enthusiasm. Shana sees a need in the community and addresses it without hesitation, regardless of her many personal and professional commitments. She draws others into her work and encourages them to become involved in charitable causes. She creates opportunities for a brighter future for those in need. Thousands of children, families, and teachers have benefited from her expertise, advice, and involvement over the years. Shana is a true gift to the Jewish community.

What type of work does your Hero do?

Health, nutrition, and basic needs, Jewish education, identity, and culture, Other, Youth

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